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Youth Ministry

With nearly 60 students and children under the age of 19 at St. John’s, we believe that God has given us a special responsibility to partner with our parents in the development of their children’s minds, bodies and souls for ministry in the world. We create discipleship opportunities through Operation Serve, our Crossroads youth ministry, and mission trips:


Operation Serve

Operation Serve (OS) is our ecumenical youth development organization. Through OS, we engage students from all over the city in rigorous and meaningful community service projects.


Crossroads is the name of our junior and senior high youth ministry. It includes Sunday school, Bible Studies, Book Clubs, and all of our various gatherings that meet outside our walls and in the community. Crossroads is where hearts are formed by the Gospel. It’s an intentional, smaller environment where students can learn, listen, ask questions, and be challenged. It’s a place of instruction and coaching, with topics designed to stimulate conversation and to deepen one’s exploration of him/herself, God, and the Word.

Mission Trips

St. John’s is a “sending” church, having organized summer mission trips to rural Tennessee, Arkansas, inner-city Chicago, as well as over-seas mission trips to Panajachel, Guatemala.